Location as viewpoint

German craftsmanship. Internationally demanded.
Pajarito is an independent, modern family-owned company. The success story of our company began in 1923. At that time, we gained international recognition and extensive product know-how as overseas exporters of high quality consumer goods to the Latin American countries. This is still evident in our excellent references from all over the world. Today, we are nationally and internationally renowned as manufacturers of quality tools. Our production site is Germany. This is where the greatly valued Pajarito quality with the seal of approval “Made in Germany” is created.

Valued employees
Our many years of experience also taught us that we can only achieve quality with qualified employees. We select our teams carefully, promote various talents and place particular value on internal training and further education. To us, these are decisive factors for the long-term success of our company. To us, quality is also a practical experience.

Partner of trade and users
We consider ourselves as strong partners of wholesale, through which the professionals in trade and industry obtain their tools. The cooperative interaction characterises our collaboration within our company and with other partners and users.

Globally available
The international orientation determines our reasoning and actions until today. We are convinced that quality is in demand throughout the world. Because, professionals of all countries know that they are able to work fast, safely and efficiently. Because Pajarito quality is also in demand internationally, we are also professionals in all export matters. Be it Bamberg or Bangkok, Peine or Paris, Rome or Rosenheim – we deliver worldwide, fast, safely and reliably. Short delivery times are a matter of course for us.


Pajarito. Since 1923.


Distribution of a total of 5,000 products with an in-house product component of 45% with 60 employees in production, warehousing and administration.


Death of Liselotte Drekopf

Reinhold Linke and Dirk Willing take over the company following the demise of Liselotte Drekopf.


New Management

The long-standing employees Reinhold Linke and Dirk Willing take over management.


New construction of production hall

Extension of production area with the construction of a 2,000 m² large production hall


Death of Klaus Pieper

Liselotte Drekopf takes over the company at 100% following the demise of Klaus Pieper.


Further key aspect field sales force

Continuous development of a highly qualified permanently employed field sales team.


Corporate Management

Following the demise of the founder, Arthur Korbach, the long-standing employees Liselotte Drekopf and Klaus Pieper take over the company as legal successors.


New production and administration building

Move into the newly constructed production and administration building in the Mettmann-Ost industrial area.


Move from Wuppertal to Mettmann

Start of own fabrication of painting tools. Development of many problem-solving innovations in collaboration with experts from trade and industry as significant contribution to the steep ascent of the company.


Additional trade with painting tools

In addition to the former business, the company extends the range by the trade with painting tools.


Company foundation by Arthur Korbach in Wuppertal

Initially overseas export company for the trade with high quality consumer goods, distribution predominately into Latin American countries. Registration of trademark PAJARITO (Spanish for “little bird”).

Altes Logo Pajarito

Our first logo
The original trademark of a bird and the name Pajarito (Spanish for “little bird”) originates from our beginning as overseas exporter. Up to 1952, the national symbol was an inherent component of the logo. Even today, it adorns many of our traditional products.