Mission Statement

Partnership based on conviction

Tools by Pajarito are produced by professionals for professionals and sold via the wholesale trade. The professionals in trade, craftsmanship and industry are our valued partners. For them, we develop ideal tool solutions.

For this purpose, we are close to their daily tasks and their requirements. Our tools are created in cooperative collaboration, carried by respect and trust. This partnership is the foundation of the successful cooperation.

Mitarbeiterbesprechung Fertigung

Trusting cooperation

This collaborative and respectful interaction with our partners characterises the cooperation with our customers. Fairness and appreciation are just as important to us as reliability and the drive for perfection. We attach great importance to a pleasant working environment and the best possible compatibility of occupational needs and private lifestyles (work-life balance).

Planung und Konstruktion Werkzeug

Continuous improvement

Master craftsmanship and quality made in Germany define our claim. This applies for our products as well as our processes. In the context of our quality management system, we secure the documentation and constant optimisation of our processes and structures.

Umwelt grüner Wal

Responsibility for the next generations

As a traditional company, we accept responsibility for the next generations. This applies for the future-oriented further development of our company as well as the preservation of our environment. Thus, for example, the quality of our tools contributes to the protection of our natural resources. Because the high quality of our products secures longevity and produces less waste. Class instead of mass is a commandment of sustainability.