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Trademark goods instead of mass-produced products

We produce trademark goods instead of mass-produced products. In the process, our focus is on industrial job lots. It is our claim to create and offer products we believe in, manufactured to the highest standards and in the best possible quality.

Our quality-consciousness is the result of passionate customer-oriented innovation and long-term consideration. We know that we can only fulfil highest expectations with constant improvement. And precisely this drives us to peak performance. Constantly anew.

Products upon which professionals can rely.

Without exception.

Production in Germany
The location Germany is important to us. Here in Mettmann, North Rhine-Westphalia, we have created ideal conditions for our quality products – with motivated employees with a trained eye for detail. The abilities and ideas of our true experts made Pajarito to what we are today: an internationally successful company for the tools of professionals.

Utmost workmanship
Our employees deliver outstanding results every day. They produce German quality in Germany, where we are at home. It is our strategy to adapt to the requirements of our customers to the best of our ability – with especially developed top solutions for trade and industry – sustainable, precise, durable. In the production of our tools, we attach great importance to high quality materials, utmost precision and first class workmanship. This is beneficial for the professionals in their work. We consciously execute individual processing steps in manufactory quality. This provides our tools with the final touch and utmost perfection, which is essential for the professionals in trade and industry.

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